About Us

RISE Jhansi Incubation Centre is a business incubation center of Jhansi Smart City Limited. By offering mentorship, support for innovation, financial facilitation, technological support, marketing guidance, and other necessary support, this incubation centre aims to create a culture of excellence and sustain the young business people.

Our Vision

Our foremost vision is to provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their businesses with the least amount of risk possible. We also want to build a world-class, self-sustaining enterprise incubation facility and innovation ecosystem that will foster ventures that are knowledge-based, technologically unique, socially relevant, and have a growing financial impact on the residents of Smart City Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, and our nation at large

Our Mission

The mission of RISE Jhansi Incubation Centre is to develop and empower the next generation of business leaders to solve local problems and support sustainable start-up businesses that will generate jobs, energise communities, market cutting-edge technology, and boost regional and national economies.

Industry Specific Experties

Agriculture & Rural Development , Smart Vehicles, Use of ICCC Data, Cleanliness/ Swachhata Transportation & Logistics , Robotics and Drones, Clean & Green Technology, Tourism, Renewable/Sustainable Energy, Smart Communication, Healthcare & Biomedical devices, Block-chain & Cyber Security, Smart Automation, Fitness & Sport, Heritage & Culture, MedTech/BioTech/HealthTech, Sustainable project