Women Entrepreneur Development Cell

Women Entrepreneur Development Cell

RISE Jhansi Incubation Center recognizes the pivotal role of incubation centers in fostering inspiration, enthusiasm, and support for women looking to establish their own businesses. With this vision in mind, RISE Jhansi have a dedicated Women Entrepreneurship Cell aimed at empowering women in Jhansi to excel in entrepreneurship. The Women Entrepreneurship Cell serves as a hub for providing women with essential information, resources, and training needed to thrive in the entrepreneurial landscape.


Our mission is to empower the women of Jhansi to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations. We achieve this by offering comprehensive support, invaluable resources, and tailored training programs. Our goal is to provide women with the tools they need to confidently pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship and thrive in the competitive business landscape.

12 Weeks Women Cohort Program

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Incubation Support

Mentorship and Investor Connect

Digital Marketing Training

Online Product Selling Platform

Self-help group support

Policy Awareness

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