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Job Details

Software developer Intern


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Job Posting Date:2024-03-29 17:48:19

Key Responsibilities: Mobile App Development: Assist in developing cross-platform mobile applications using the Flutter framework. Collaborate with designers and backend developers to implement UI/UX designs and integrate with backend systems. UI/UX Design Integration: Implement user interfaces and navigation flows based on design mockups and wireframes. Ensure consistent user experience across different platforms (iOS, Android) and device sizes. State Management: Manage app state and data flow using Flutter's built-in state management solutions or third-party libraries like Provider or Bloc. API Integration: Integrate with backend APIs and services to fetch and update data in the mobile app. Handle network requests, error handling, and data caching to ensure smooth app performance. Testing and Debugging: Write unit tests and conduct integration testing to ensure app functionality and reliability. Debug and troubleshoot issues to identify and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks. Performance Optimization: Optimize app performance and efficiency, including startup time, memory usage, and rendering performance. Implement best practices for optimizing Flutter apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Documentation and Learning: Document code changes, technical specifications, and development processes to facilitate knowledge sharing and onboarding. Stay updated on Flutter development best practices, libraries, and tools through self-learning and training resources.